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“We Are Chic”
Chic: [sheek]: Fashionable, stylish or elegant; a unique personal style (RHC) is a web based media company which features photos, videos, and advertisements of local, national and international, models, events and venues.
The goal of is to empower women all around the world
To reach their full potential.
So what is a RockHardChic? Simply put, a RockHardChic is your local girl next door, the professional entrepreneur, and even the soccer mom in your town. Classy, Fashionable, Confident, and Elegant with her own personal style, that’s a RockHardChic!

Photographers – Our goal is to provide a photographer with a headline page along with a section in our magazine, giving you an opportunity to gain exposure. whether you are a professional, amateurs or novices. You can showcase your work in our forum worldwide. You can also get your models featured  and worldwide exposure.

Models – Our goal is to provide models an opportunity to present their portfolio to our viewers worldwide, featuring your unique modeling talent and a chance to present and upload your best work, giving you a path to gain exposure in both the photo-graphical and the fashion modeling industry and at the same time providing you with a forum to gain both fame and a chance at employment.

Advertisers – Our goal is to provide a high market area with the opportunity to place your ad in the market area that will help your business get the exposure necessary in the most effective way to increase sales.

Events – Our goal is to provide you with an opportunity to promote your event whether it is a concert, festival, auto show, boat show, modeling expo, or just a plain party, you will have the chance to advertise well in advance to gain maximum exposure insuring a good turnout for your specific event. we will also give you the opportunity to have our photographers on hand to document your event and publicize it in our next issue.


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